About Us

With thirty years of experience and passion in the field of fashion and clothing accessories, we have the honor of living a unique adventure inside the Pearl of the 500, Montepulciano (Siena), inext to a historical icons of this splendid city of art: the Poliziano Coffee since 1868, the historical place of Italy. women's store Via di Voltaia nel Corso nr 33, men store Via di Voltaia nel Corso nr 3

"Tra Ninnoli & Nannoli" is a concept store, where love for fashion, the environment and Tuscan craftsmanship are intertwined, combined with the manual skills, inventiveness and originality typical of our land, but without ever losing out of view human contact which is the very essence of our activity.

In the Tuscan tradition, "Tra Ninnoli & Nannoli" means "hold, procrastinate, from one thing to another”, until late

as our grandparents said, or as when customers inside our shop losing track of time, between exclusives and original garments, all made in Italy or Made in Tuscany, or among the trinkets that are the small ornamental and bijou objects that we create, from a simple copper wire or plate, and which refer to poor art, to the Middle Ages and Celtic culture.